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Sheriff's Office Mission

Sheriff's Office Executive Staff

Sheriff's Office Mission

We will serve, protect and defend the citizens of Osage County against all unlawful activities' that may arise by being a visible force in all communities.  We will operate within the laws of the State of Missouri and the United States of America.  We will ensure that justice be our guide and the well being of our citizens our goal.  We will serve with compassion and dignity and exhibit the best qualities of public service.  We will ever be vigilant, ensuring that Law Enforcement will NOT be about race, status, or power, but about protecting our families and serving all citizens of Osage County. 


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Sheriff's Office Executive Staff

Sheriff's Office Mission


                          106 E. MAIN STREET

                          P.O. BOX 619

                          LINN, MO 65051

                          (573) 897-3927 – Phone

                          (573) 897-4383 – Fax

                          (573) 897-9936 – Tip Line


Sheriff's Office Executive Staff

Sheriff's Office Executive Staff

Sheriff's Office Executive Staff

Sheriff: Michael Bonham

Office Administrator: Charlotte Townley
Operations Captain: Travis Schaffer

Patrol Lieutenant: Justin Carnes
Patrol Sergeant: Tim McDonald

Detention Lieutenant: Umar Yacin

Detention Sergeant: Kyle Brown

Detention Sergeant - Tiffaney Herndon

osage county COVID-19 PROTOCOLS

Below are files detailing the strict protocols our office will be adhering to passed down by our Circuit Judge; the Honorable Ike Lamke. If you have any questions please contact the Sheriff's Office or the Circuit Clerks Office during business hours. See "Visitation" below for the altered schedule of visitation regarding the Jail. 

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Take a look a look at our Strategic 10 year plan!

Osage County Sheriffs 10 Year Plan (docx)


Patrol Division

Deputies and several reserve deputies who cover 611 square miles including the municipalities of Linn, Chamois, Freeburg, Westphalia, Meta, Belle and smaller communities in between on a daily basis.  This division includes routine vehicle patrol, marine and off-road equipment deploy-able to assist our communities at any time. 

Boat Division:

The Boat Division patrols all accessible waterways within the confines of Osage County and any others upon request with consent.

  • Assigned Personnel: 

                       Sheriff Bonham

ATV/ UTV Division: 

The ATV / UTV Division provides the Sheriff's Office the ability to search and occasionally patrol areas that would otherwise be inaccessible to the common car, truck or suv.  These vehicles are often used in major events, or searching for missing persons / property. 

  • Assigned Personnel: 

                       Sheriff Bonham, Lieutenant Carnes, Sergeant Herndon, Sergeant Brown, Corporal Carnes, & Corporal Jarvis

Patrol Division Personnel:

Operations Captain: Travis Shaffer

Patrol Lieutenant - Justin Carnes

Patrol Sergeant - Tim McDonald

Corporal - Richard Jarvis (K9)

Corporal - Greg Birch

Deputy - Christian Wolfe

Deputy - Matthew Cowan

Deputy - Dennis Sutton


Detention Division

The Detention Division works in tandem with the Patrol Division by booking and providing basic needs for the subjects brought in pending charges or warrants. The Detention Division also ensures these personnel a present for court appearances and responsible for their timely release when granted by the judicial system.

Detention Division Staff:

Jail Administrator / Lieutenant - Umar Yacin

Detention Sergeant - Kyle Brown

Detention Sergeant - Tiffaney Herndon

Detention Officer - Joyce Tarr

Detention Officer - Anita Connell

Detention Officer - Ryan Swillum

Detention Officer - Vacant

Court Security / Corporal - Armanda Carnes


Visitation Hours - (CORONA VIRUS PROTOCOL):

As of 03/16/2020 visitation has been suspended until 04/07/2020. 

This protocol may be extended or reduced by order of the Sheriff who is working diligently with our Circuit Judges.







An inmate must be in custody for a minimum of seven (7) days AND complete a visitation form to qualify for visitation. If you are not on their their visitation list, you will be denied. Visitation lists are updated monthly upon request of our inmates. Visits must be pre-scheduled no later Friday at 10:30pm. Please call (573)897-5750 to schedule a visit. You must have a photo ID, not be on probation/parole and have no pending court actions in Osage County if you wish to visit. Visitation with any inmate may cancelled if an he/she receives disciplinary sanctions the jail or for other safety reasons approved by the Jail Administrator.


Incarcerated inmates have access to commissary items such as e-cigs, phone cards etc. Money or money orders can be dropped off at the Detention Center at any time. For ease of access, the Osage County Sheriff's Office has installed a Point of Sale system inside the sally port of the facility which allows the use of credit or debit cards. Funds can be applied to an inmates account in a similar way over the phone. You must call (573)897-5750 and leave the following information:

Full Name


Card Type

Card Number

Expiration Date

3-Digit Security Code

Phone Number

Failure to provide all the above information will prevent the transaction from being completed. All information is destroyed immediately after the transaction is verified complete. Processing fees do apply and they vary depending on the deposit amount. These are automatically generated by the POS system.

Phone Services

The Osage County Detention Center uses Combined Public Communications as our phone service system. To access the phones, inmates may call collect, purchase a phone card ($10 each) or have funds placed on a phone account using "www.inmatesales.com" or calling 1-877-998-5678. All calls are .20 cents per minute (international calls start at $1.00 per minute and varies per country.) Attorney calls are not recorded! If the individual incarcerated has a private attorney, please notify the facility so we may set these contact numbers up accordingly. Each inmate automatically has the Public Defender's Office set to "do not record." 

Chirping Devices

It is true; the Osage County Detention Center now offers the ability to text in jail. These devices are also provided through Combined Public Communications. They cost $4 a month to use and .10 cents for each text message sent AND received. No photos will come through on these devices, yet it will charge the inmate if attempted. Inmates using these devices must sign an agreement form which they could be held liable for the device if found damaged or destroyed.  Each device is valued at $200 by CPC. Funds for Chirping accounts can also be set up by visiting "www.inmatesales.com" or calling 1-877-998-5678.

Court Security

The Osage County Detention Center is also responsible for providing Court Security and Bailiff services to the Judicial Officials operating within the Osage County Court House. Anything not pertaining to your current court case or your general visit to the court house should be left in your vehicle. Anyone found inside the court house with firearms, knives, alcohol etc maybe asked to leave the premises and /or be subject to criminal charges. Signs are posted on the main entrance doors as well as at the security checkpoint on court session dates. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Mobile Patrol

 Mobile Patrol is a downloadable application offered by Appriss Safety Solutions that notifies victims of crime where incarcerated individuals may be in custody regardless of municipality, county or state. That application may be obtained by visiting the Apple Store, Google Play Store or clicking link below. If the incarcerated person your may be looking for does not appear on this website we encourage you to call the facility for verification. Staff on site will be able to confirm whether or not a person is incarcerated however further information may not be provided by policy. 



 VINELink,  otherwise known as "Victim Information and Notification Everyday", is another application offered by Appriss Safety Solutions with similar features. It too can be accessed through the Apple Store, Google Play Store or by clicking link below. If the incarcerated person your may be looking for does not appear on this website we encourage you to call the facility for verification. Staff on site will be able to confirm whether or not a person is incarcerated however further information may not be provided by policy.  

Commonly requested forms & Literature



CPC Phone Instructions (pdf)


CPC Chirping Agreement (pdf)


Debit or Credit Commissary Deposit Instructions (pdf)


Osage County Sheriff's Office Application (pdf)


OCSO Voluntary Statement Form (jpg)